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Get a complete solar power and battery storage system at zero up-front cost and protect your home from outages and rising energy costs.

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Proud Partner of Santa Barbara Clean Energy

We’re committed to helping communities reach their sustainability goals. That’s why we partnered with the City of Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara Clean Energy, to deliver affordable and sustainable energy to residents, regardless of income or FICO score. The Santa Barbara Home Power Program aims to offset 100% of participating homes’ electricity consumption, leading to more energy resilience for the community and protection against potential grid outages and rising electricity costs for homeowners. Join us in bringing solar power to Santa Barbara by requesting your FREE energy savings estimate today!

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Get Complete Battery Storage and Solar Installation in Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara Home Power Program covers the cost of a complete, customized solar and smart battery backup storage system. There is no income or FICO score requirement, financing, or property lien, and no maintenance costs. Better yet, when you can both generate and store your own energy, you control when to use power to avoid peak pricing and when to sell it back to the grid so you can get the highest rate. Maximize your savings and protect your home against rolling blackouts and rising electricity prices, all at zero up-front cost to you!

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Discover a Customized Approach from a Trustworthy Partner

It’s easy to sign up for our program. Just fill out the form and tell us the amount of your last electricity bill or upload your most recent utility bill and we'll prepare a customized energy savings estimate for your home. One of our expert representatives will contact you further to understand your needs and estimate your current and future power usage, then build you a customized solar energy system that can power your home for years to come and lower your utility bills. Our program is city-vetted and our solar power and smart battery storage system are state-of-the-art.

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Utility rates are expected to keep rising at rates of 5–16% per year. Even with lower compensation for energy exported back to the grid, your solar and battery system will still provide a much lower cost of energy, protecting you from peak rate pricing and unpredictable utility rate increases for years to come. Plus, the price of energy from your new system is guaranteed for 25 years. Put the power back in your hands with a program you can trust for solar energy in Santa Barbara.

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Why Customers Love Us

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“Through the Program I get a reliable source of energy in the event of a power outage, I reduce my footprint, I save money, and I get complete control of my energy usage from anywhere.”

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Santa Barbara, CA

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