PoweredUp Network is now available in San Gabriel Valley! That is great news for homeowners in the Bassett/Avocado Heights Advanced Energy Community (BAAEC) and adjacent cities.

We're bringing Sustainability and Energy Resiliency to San Gabriel Valley Communities!

Contributing to a cleaner and greener future in selected communities in San Gabriel Valley is easier than ever with PoweredUp Network’s LiFe+, a solar + smart backup battery storage system – at no upfront cost. You can save on electricity costs while harnessing the sun’s energy and powering your home efficiently and sustainably.

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In Partnership with The Energy Coalition (TEC) and the Bassett Avocado Heights Advanced Energy Community (BAAEC)

PoweredUp Network's mission is to expand access to clean, affordable, and clean energy. We are partnering with TEC and BAAEC to bring communities together and produce renewable energy locally. We believe that by putting the power of solar microgrids in the hands of San Gabriel Valley residents, we help more homeowners generate and store clean energy and make the San Gabriel Valley region a cleaner, more sustainable environment. We are endorsed by TEC and BAAEC – which is a testament to the quality of our products, our installation process, and our commitment to continue to build sustainable communities.

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Take the Next Step to Become Energy Independent with PoweredUp Network’s LiFe+ Solar and Backup Battery Storage

Everyone in the selected areas of Avocado Heights, Bassett, Puente Valley, and Valinda is eligible to apply to the program. There are no income or FICO score requirements, and no property lien. Just fill out the sign-up form or call our enrollment experts to get started. We want to work with homeowners locally to improve community resiliency and build local microgrids that will reduce reliance on the grid.

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Electriq Power Battery storage system

Protect Your Home from Rolling Blackouts and Power Outages with LiFe+

LiFe+ is our solar energy and smart backup battery system solution – at zero upfront cost to you. LiFe+ allows you to reduce your reliance on traditional energy resources. This can be particularly beneficial during power outages or emergencies when the grid may be unreliable. With our backup battery you can continue to power your essential appliances and devices, providing peace of mind and ensuring you have access to the electricity you need when you need it most.

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LiFe+ is Solar Energy and a Backup Battery that Provides a Simple Solution to Save on Electricity Costs

The highest utility rates for electricity occur when the sun has gone down, but your solar & backup battery system stores energy during the day to use when the sun has gone down, saving you money on your electricity bill. Say goodbye to skyrocketing electricity costs and start enjoying significant savings on your monthly energy bills. Learn how LiFe+ can change the way you think of renewable energy and smart battery storage.

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“Through the Program I get a reliable source of energy in the event of a power outage, I reduce my footprint, I save money, and I get complete control of my energy usage from anywhere.”

A. Rodriguez

Santa Barbara, CA

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