Solar Panels and Batteries

How long do solar panels last?
How many solar panels do I need for my home?
What maintenance is required for a solar panel system?
How long do solar batteries last?

Our Program

What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?
Who sends me a bill?
What if I don’t use all the electricity my system generates?
Can I participate in this program if I already have solar?
Can I participate in this program if I rent my home?
How is this program different from other solar energy companies?

Our System

What is a microgrid?
How do you customize my solar power system?
How long does it take to install the system? What is the process?
How do I manage my solar power and battery storage system?
Are the solar panels and batteries owned by the homeowner?
What happens if I sell my home? 
Will I still use electricity from my local utility?

Solar Costs

Is solar worth it?
How much do solar panels cost?
How much does a solar battery storage system cost?
Is there a cost for the PoweredUp Program?
How much will I pay for the electricity the system generates and stores?
Will my electricity rate change?

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